Ayushi Chaturvedi

Ayushi Chaturvedi

Social Media Manager

As a full-time Potterhead, part-time Marketer, Ayushi loves Social Media (like most millennials) and decided to make a living out of it. For her, this is the medium where companies lower their guard and let customers in. She gets an understanding of what makes a brand tick, and uses it to connect with the audience.

As she hails from Mumbai, she is not afraid of chaos, challenges or crowd.

In her spare time, Ayushi loves to cook, binge-watch series’, and browse Pinterest. She hopes to be a person who jogs every morning, and goes for weekend hikes, but so far has failed miserably.

Education – MBA in Communication Management from SIU, Bachelor’s in Mass Media and Communication from MCNUJC

Specialities – Eating super spicy food like it is candy and #InventingNewHashtags